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The tally is in!
As of now we have raised $1,705 for the Nation of Patriots Flag Tour 2017. Thank you to all who donated and those who rode with us to escort the flag from Jamestown to Erie and from Erie to Mentor. This money will be used to help at least one, possibly more, wounded Erie area veterans this year. It's NOT TO LATE TO DONATE. Click on the PayPal button below.  Every little bit helps.

Patriot Ride IN THE NEWS!
Click HERE for a news story about our Nation of Patriots ride into Erie.

Get-together at the Oasis after the September Gathering

NATION OF PATRIOTS *Sept. 1*       - - - Transfer to mentor - - -

Escort group of the flag from Erie to Mentor .

NATION OF PATRIOTS *aug. 31*        - - - Flag Transfer - - -

Transfer of the flag from Jamestown to Erie.

 - - - Tour Riders - - -

Escort group for the flag transport from Jamestown to Erie.



A group of HOG members took a ride on the Oil Creek & Titusville Railroad for an evening of fun by participating in a murder mystery dinner.

The trip included an overnight stay at the Caboose Motel.


After a night of riveting detective work and a cozy night’s sleep in the Caboose, the group met up with several others for brunch at the Frog Pond. 

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